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Case, Carton, Parcel and Tote Conveyors

What are case conveyors?

Case conveyors are used in warehouses to move cases of products from one area to another. 

They come in various shapes, sizes and functions and are used to improve efficiency and productivity in a warehouse by automating the transportation of cases, boxes and similar containers between workstations. Not only is a case conveyor versatile, but they are cost-effective, particularly with improving dispatch, storage and receipt operations.

What are the benefits of a conveyor?

A carton handling system (also known as a tote conveyor) is a robust, cost effective and extremely versatile solution for fast transportation of a wide variety of cases, cartons, parcels, boxes or totes from one location to another.

Having a carton or tote conveyor solution designed and installed helps to reduce the reliance on forklifts and also improves worker safety by reducing the amount of manual handling required to move products. Whilst increasing throughput and efficiency, it also frees up employees to focus on other tasks.

At Axiom we have developed our own range of belt and roller conveyors and ancillary equipment that enables us to build complete solutions based around a core product design. We provide a turnkey conveyor system, handling everything from the solution design right through to manufacture, installation and commissioning.

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are one of the simplest and most efficient ways of moving goods around a warehouse or distribution centre. They are easy to use, long lasting and require minimum maintenance. Designed to be modular, belt conveyors can include changes of elevation so are ideal to move product from one floor to another or to be integrated into a more complex conveyor solution.

Axiom’s range of belt conveyors are manufactured from aluminium profiled side guide and product guides. The conveyors are supplied with powder coated adjustable support stands. We offer a range of end roller sizes and configurations to handle small to large product types.

The conveyors are designed to transport diversely sized products from DVDs and CDs to large cartons and totes. Each conveyor is assembled at our Tamworth production facility, fully tested and then shipped to site for installation.

Roller Conveyors

tote conveyors

Widely used across the logistics and manufacturing industries for reliable and effective transportation, roller conveyors are highly adaptable. Product can be moved on them either manually, using the power of gravity or with electric motors driving the rollers. Powered rollers can be operated in a zonal system with each zone powered independently and set up to run only when required to save energy.

A vital part of any automated system, roller conveyors can be configured to work with various equipment including diverters, turntables, transfers or parcel sorters.

The roller conveyors Axiom produces are available in various formats utilising industry standard roller drive systems (all 24V DC). Always delivered as a zero line pressure or ZLP system (automated start/stop action to check forward zone is clear), they are capable of handling small lightweight products up to large cartons and totes.

Control Systems

The control systems are centralised over an industry standard ‘bus’ solution (a system for transmitting data between multiple nodes in a network using a shared transmission path).This  maximises the flexibility available for different control functions, such as standard accumulation, zero line pressure, zone accumulation etc.

Our solutions have a centralised speed control where each individual conveyor zone speed can be independently controlled. We also offer a unique belt over roller solution providing zoned controlled belts for handling products that don’t convey so well using rollers.

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