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Custom Display Screen

During the recently completed installation in the USA, our customer required an easy to understand custom display screen showing the status of the Axiom ASS-075 Sliding Shoe Sorter courier diverts. On talking through the information to be displayed, the customer wanted:

– Which chutes or diverts were in operation.
– The bin reference recorded from hand scanning the bin licence plate.
– Fill level calculated by volume and weight using the package data acquired through the SICK Sensor Intelligence DWS upstream.
– Easily assimilated colour keyed state of each fill.

The screen was developed as a web service screen with its own unique IP address. The software and screen was developed in-house by the Axiom GB Ltd software team.

By running the screen as a web-applications based service this allowed the screen to be accessed by any computer or smart screen which is internet enabled.

In addition to having a display on the Axiom ASS-075 Sliding Shoe Sorter, our customer installed this large display on a portable stand running from a laptop allowing positioning wherever colleagues were working.

The Axiom Sliding Shoe Sorter is one of a range of sorting solutions Axiom can offer, each is designed and built in Tamworth, UK. The sliding shoe sorter is one of the most versatile solutions on the market, with potential package throughputs of 10000 per hour; diverts single or dual sided; ability to sort a wide range of products from 150x100x10mm jiffy packs through to 1500x600x400mm boxes weighing 20kg and including bagged packages, all without modifications.

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