Why purchase a spare parts package?

Why Purchase a Spare Parts Package

Why Purchase a Spare Parts Package

Axiom GB always recommends a project spare parts package is purchased on installation of the cell. This along with a service contract helps keep the material handling solution operating at the intended performance level.
The recommended spare parts package will assist in keeping the materials handling solution running with high equipment efficiency. The broken sensor; the plug causing intermittent signals; the noisy gearbox: all easily replaced.
What is the true cost of a package?
Even with the near normalisation of the supply chain, there will always be a delay whilst the component is sourced, ordered, and delivered. A delay in rectification of a fault costs money, causing customer dissatisfaction and poor service scores. In some cases, may trigger contract penalties.

So, looking at a spares and service package should be one of the priorities once the shipment of the new equipment has been confirmed. The cost of inaction could be a lot higher than the purchase cost if not approved.

Why a service contract?

Axiom GB are no different to most equipment suppliers in the provision of the warranty for new equipment. Whilst the provision is comprehensive, the requirement on the customer is to service the equipment, even in the warranty period. Not following service requirements could invalidate the warranty.

There are two main choices to achieve this:
• Use internal resources to provide the engineering requirements. This is ideal if the site has engineering cover. Axiom GB will train any personal on the new equipment.
• Take out a service contract with Axiom GB, not only could this provide remote support, but pre-agreed onsite servicing and discounts on spare parts.
Remote Support
Remote support has long been offered as a cost-effective method of supporting customers. This has been further improved by industry 4.0 connectivity. This enables easier access to motor drives, plc, and other components for monitoring their status without sending an engineer.

By combining a service contract with remote support services, the maximum efficiency of a line can be achieved. Simple faults swiftly corrected.

By having a recommended spares kit onsite, properly labelled and stored so it can be found, any faulty components can be changed out, allowing the system to operate whilst further investigation of the failure can take place.

Complete Piece of Mind

Axiom GB offers all three services mentioned in this blog as a standard option. By taking over these services on behalf of the customer can be both cost effective along with the specialist knowledge of the system, both the mechanicals and the control systems.

If you already have an Axiom GB supplied equipment please email Spares@axiomgb.com or service@axiomgb.com if you require any assistance.

Please visit our website, call the office or email to discuss your future project.

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