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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions we get asked the most…

Can you help us with a bottleneck we’ve got in our dispatch/packing area?

One of our main areas of expertise is looking at the flow of products through packing and dispatch areas and designing a solution that can remove bottlenecks. Most of our conveyor system installations and turnkey systems are based on solving bottlenecks in dispatch or packing areas.

We’ve got productivity issues in our dispatch area, can you help?

Definitely, our engineering team have years of experience and knowledge to help you resolve productivity issues. Anything from a bespoke packing and dispatch system, a new dispatch sorter or perhaps a clever piece of software to solve a problem, we are confident we can find a solution.

Our overheads are continually rising, what can you do to help us minimise this issue?

We don’t always want to fill your warehouse up with conveyors or sorters, so the first thing to do is look at why these issues are occurring and understand the problem in depth. Then we can work with you to provide a solution that gets a good return on investment and delivers solid results for the business – solution results need to be measurable.

Labour costs are increasing, how can you reduce labour requirements in our dispatch area?

It’s important to under stand why this is happening and more specifically in what area of dispatch. Generally, however, customers neglect dispatch areas and sometimes have the approach to ‘throw labour’ at the problem when perhaps, adding a parcel sorter or some conveyors could cost effectively solve the problem, reduce labour rates and eliminate problems during peaks.

We have health & safety issues; can you automate systems to reduce/eliminate H&S problems?

Certainly, large portions of all our solutions and projects have an element of H&S issue reduction attached to them. It’s key to system design to ensure that any H&S issues are designed right out and we spend a lot of time and effort researching solutions that improve ergonomics and operating environments for users.

Existing equipment is unreliable; can you offer more reliable solutions?

One of the most rewarding things to do is to go into a site with old and tired equipment and replace some or all of it with new equipment. Generally, the customer brief is very simple and the rewards to them are high.

The rising cost of energy is badly affecting operational profitability, how can you help?

We have lots of upgrade programmes and experiences. Specifically we offer a conversion service from old conventional roller conveyor systems to new energy efficient 24VDC solutions, utilising the existing conveyor chassis and providing new control logic to improve product flow.

Maintenance costs are getting too high, how can you help us reduce these?

Maintenance costs are always an issue even on new equipment. It’s important to keep equipment maintenance up to scratch, without spending too much money. Axiom’s approach to system design is simple – good engineering. This model allows us to deliver solutions to our clients that are cost effective to purchase and operate without the need to employ a huge engineering team to keep things running. Most of our installations operate without any onsite engineers at all.

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