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Sortation Systems

An Axiom sortation system is a specialist material handling solution allowing single streams of mixed products to be diverted to a required destination directly from a conveyor without manual intervention.

What is sortation in materials handling systems?

Axiom can supply the optimum sortation solution from either a ASS-075 Sliding Shoe Sorter; Swivel-Wheel Sorter (SWS) or Pop-up Roller Sorter (PUR).

Parcels and packages are identified by reading the despatch or product code and correlating this to data from the WMS (warehouse management system). Sortation systems can be used in any operation where a single mixed stream needs to be separated to unique controlled outputs.

All are designed and manufactured by Axiom in UK and can be supplied as a complete materials handling solution that will boost your productivity and increase efficiency.

Key Sortation System Features

  • 12,000+ throughputs possible per hour
  • Supplied as part of a complete materials handling solution or stand-alone system within your project

Which Market Areas is Sortation Used In?

  • Cross-docking cells to divert to the required courier or despatch route
  • B2C or D2C facility to sort outbound packages by postcode or region to reduce shipping costs
  • Incoming routing to minimise the number of conveyor runs
    • Completing the sortation of the product at the final point of storage
    • Minimises number of lifts required between floors
  • Separate packages by size (volume), weight or any other key characteristic when paired with a DWS (Dimension; Weigh & Scan) system
  • In a production facility to reduce the conveyor runs from production or packaging operations through to the warehousing
    • Once in the warehouse the products are split by variety; machine or customer
Axiom GB quotes

Previously when the sortation was carried out manually we could process a maximum of 6,000 packets in a day, with the new automated system we are able to hit 2,000 packets an hour.

Simon Butteriss, Assistant Director – Group Operations, Cambridge Assessment

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