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Sortation Systems Increase Throughput And Efficiency

Faster, more accurate and reliable order processing with an Axiom sortation system.

An automated sortation system is the process of identifying and diverting specific items off a conveyor system. They are then sent to an intended location using devices controlled by task-specific programs. Sortation systems can be applied in various applications depending on aspects like product type and the required sortation rate.

Sorters are one of the most versatile systems to improve process speed and efficiency in a warehouse or distribution centre. You want the best possible solution to match your specific sortation requirements, that’s why at Axiom we have developed a range of sorters designed to work across a wide variety of product profiles.

Tailored sorters engineering excellence

Our range of sortation systems positions us as one of the world’s leading, truly independent, system integrators. You can choose from our own off-the-shelf engineered equipment or third party products to create turnkey solutions.

From design through to implementation, we consistently maintain the highest level of engineering excellence. As a result, our attention to detail regarding ergonomics, maintenance, replacement parts, fault-finding and aesthetics is second to none.

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If you’d like to know more about how an Axiom sorter can improve the productivity of your facility please complete the ‘Free Sortation Assessment’ form above. We will respond with a bespoke proposal that outlines how an automated sorter will transform your order processing operation.

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    Previously when the sortation was carried out manually we could process a maximum of 6,000 packets in a day, with the new automated system we are able to hit 2,000 packets an hour.

    Simon Butteriss, Assistant Director – Group Operations, Cambridge Assessment


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