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Automated Pick & Pack Order Systems

Increase productivity with an automated Pick & Pack order processing system; automatically associate picked product with customer data, package and dispatch for individual order processing.

The continued increase in the market share of ecommerce fulfilment for consumer purchases has placed very different demands on warehousing and dispatch operations whilst rapidly increasing the need for individual order dispatch direct to customers.  This is especially key for 3pl, business to customer (B2C)  and direct to customer (D2C) operations where minimal touch-points between picking and dispatch increases efficiencies of the operations.

With next day delivery now standard and same day delivery a growing proposition, the productivity of dispatch operations is absolutely vital to the success of a business both for profitability and customer satisfaction.

The introduction of an automated pick & pack order system means that you can significantly reduce costs, increase service levels and minimise the footprint of this critical operation.

Tailored solutions for precision processing of individual customer orders

Pick & pack order processing system

By utilising servo control conveyors traceability of an order throughout the process is guaranteed.

Historically, individual customer orders have had to be processed by hand, a time consuming and costly operation that is prone to errors.

Axiom GB has developed a conveyor system based order fulfilment cell to fully automate the association of picked items with customer orders. This packing solution combines technically advanced control and data handling, including interfacing to the customer WMS, with robust material handling systems for a complete pick & pack order processing system.

Depending on the cell specification, the picked ordered items are scanned into the system, married up with advice / dispatch note paperwork and marketing collateral before being packaged, labelled and sorted – all automatically.

Designed for your operations unique requirements, an automated pick & pack order processing system solution dramatically improves your order handling productivity.

Pick & Pack Order Processes

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Once we have your specific requirements, we can put together a bespoke proposal that will dramatically increase both the productivity and efficiency of your order processing.

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    The new packaging line has given us a significant improvement in throughput capacity of our single item orders.

    John Wilson, Head of Operations, JD Williams


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