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Special Solutions

Axiom Special Solutions

What is a special Solution?

Whilst the key markets Axiom serves is the design and build of material handling automation for warehouse; distribution; 3pl; e-commerce and logistics solutions, we also can provide automation for specific applications outside these core sectors.

Within these sectors there are special solutions for specific products or applications.  This can include print + apply labellers; control systems and  cross-docking material handling

An Axiom designed, built and installed special solution that will boost your productivity and increase efficiency.

Special Solution Examples:

  • Print + Apply Labellers:
    • Can be stand-alone or incorporated within other equipment.
    • Utilises industry standard printheads.
    • Data handled within the cell ACS and cell local server.
  • Cross-Docking Cells:
    • Reduces touch points within warehousing.
    • Cell efficiently splits bulk deliveries to regions or delivery routes.
  • Logistics Software:
    • Data handling to and from customer warehouse management software (WMS).
    • Tracking of products against customer order data.
    • In-house design, development and implementation.
    • Remote access and support.

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