Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Logistics Software

Axiom supplies the complete automation.

From the earliest projects, Axiom has supplied the complete turnkey package of hardware, control and software from internal resources, not having to rely on third-party contractors.

Effective logistics software is fundamental to the success of any warehouse automation project. In our experience, warehouses are organic; they are living things, evolving to meet the challenges thrown down by daily business. Problems faced by the warehouse operations team can be exacerbated by poorly designed and implemented software systems.

Any modern installation has to be capable of interfacing with many sources of data and have the ability to both import and export data and reports as required.

Control Glossary

Warehouse Management System (WMS):

Normally supplied by the customer and runs the warehouse, wave picks and is the source of data to the supplied to the WCS / WES).

Warehouse Control (Execution) System (WCS / WES):

Supplied as part of the materials handling automation by AxiomTakes the data from the WMS and acts as the interface between the two systems.

Dimensioning; Weighing & Scanning (DWS):

Each element can be used separately or in any combination and comprise cutting edge technology. Ability to be used at dynamic speeds of >100 packages per minute.

  • Dimensioning: Non-contact laser scanners have the ability to measure the volume of the packages.
  • Weighing: Precision load cells dynamically weigh the package.
  • Scanning: Modern vision systems allow the reading of multiple codes attached to a package, the AI based software identifies the relevant code to record.

Axiom System Topology:

  • Data handling treated with extreme importance.
    • External connections through firewalls.
    • All data encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256).
    • To allow high-volumes of data handling, an Axiom supplied solution is physically separated from customers’ networks.
    • Locally installed servers.
    • Data handling programmed in stripped Linux code.
      • No interfaces to external applications, e.g. email. 
  • PLC used to control the hardware.
    • Includes remote access for inverter controls.
    • Servo drive control.
  • PC based operator MIMIC interface.
    • Displays system status.
    • Alerts the operator of alarms.
    • Allows data entry where required.
    • Displays graphical images of the system for ease of operation.

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