Automatic Pusher Sorter - Pneumatic & Motor Pusher Sorters

Automatic Pusher Sorter

Pneumatic and Motor Pusher Sorters

Sometimes product types and profiles don’t suit conventional sorting methods. For this very reason Axiom has developed two pusher sorter solutions to suit different applications:

Overhead Pusher Sorter

Designed for sorting bagged products and difficult to handle items, the overhead sorter is capable of sorting at rates of 60 products per minute using motor drives and 30 products per minute using pneumatic drives. Axiom delivers it in single sided or double sided packages.

Box Style Pusher Sorter

Push Sorter ExamplePush Sorter

Designed for sorting regular shaped products, the box pusher sorts to a single sided destination and can hit rates of 80 products per minute depending on the product profile. We deliver it in a motor drive package or pneumatic drive. The box pusher is designed to extend from a housing and push the product into the destination; there are no trap points so it is really good from a health and safety point of view.

Both pusher designs lend themselves to being used in a sorting application or randomly throughout a more complex system.

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