Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Special Components

How do you make a materials handling system?

An Axiom designed material handling system will comprise of standard straight conveyor sections with additional special components. Many are manufactured in-house at Axiom, supplemented by bought-in items. 

These components can include:

  • Wedge Conveyors: Either ZLP or multi-belt.
  • Bends: Roller; ZLP or belt depending on the product to be carried.
  • Inclines.
  • Spirals: To raise or lower the products in the smallest footprint.
  • Merge Sections: Allowing more than one stream to merge to a single outfeed.
  • Multi-band Conveyors: Either ‘O’-belt or cambelt options.
  • Cross-Transfers: Can incorporate pack turning with the cross-transfer. 

Key Features:

  • All components built on the same strengths as standard straight products:
    • Drives supplied from servo; AC & DC motors and drum-motor rollers as required.
    • Based around a common proprietary anodised aluminium side profile across all conveyor types.
    • Experts in encoder product tracking.
    • Linear speeds >2.0 m/s common for high throughput lines.
      • >10,000 packages per hour possible.
    • Integration of side guides.
    • Sensors supplied from all major manufacturers.
    • Moulded components to eliminate trap points and for easy mounting of sensors.
    • Pressed steel legs and adjustable feet for rigidity.
    • Conveyors capable of handling all common types of packages seen in logistics and warehousing type applications:
      • Plastic totes.
      • Boxes or cartons.
      • Padded envelopes.
      • Bagged product.
      • Envelopes.
  • The project layout will lead to the special components required.

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