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Cross-Docking Systems

Cross-Docking Cells from Axiom

A Cross-docking material handling system reduces labour and storage requirements, and hence a reduction in distribution costs, where bulk sorting of product is required.  Cross-docking order fulfilment is applicable to wholesalers, courier companies, and other transfer points for products and packages such as 3pl’s, where pallets or bins of a product are presented and need to be split into multiple destinations or orders.

An Axiom Cross-Docking Cell is designed using proven components to meet the customers’ specific requirements for a complete material handling solution.

Axiom will supply the complete solution including a WCS system to interface to the customers’ ERP or WMS software.

An Axiom designed, built and installed solution that will boost your productivity and increase efficiency.

Key Features:

A cross-docking cell typically combines the following elements to make a cell:

  • Conveyors: The backbone of most cells, Axiom will ensure the optimum lengths and types are used.
  • Product Identification:
    • Use automated code scanning to identify the product.
    • Use a full DWS system to identify the product and supply real size & weight data for ongoing shipping optimisation and comparison against supplier data.
  • Sortation: The method to separate the packages from a single infeed stream to the required docking outfeed for the onward shipping.
  • Labelling: Automated print + apply the new onward shipping label.
  • End-of-Line:  Automate the palletisation of the sorted product.
  • AMR / AGV: Can add a greater degree of flexibility to fixed conveyors.

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