Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Service & Support

Axiom Service & Support

Axiom supplied equipment, whether it is software; electrical control; mechanical or any combination, at some point in time it will need service and support.

Whilst the design and manufacture of all supplied equipment should give high levels of operational efficiency, like all systems, to maintain these levels will be enhanced by following the recommended service requirements.

Each service and support contract is tailored to compliment customers’ own in-house skill set and can include elements of training for self-sufficiency and emergency cover.

  • Axiom takes pride in the service and spare parts support:
    • Standard 12-month parts and labour warranty.
  • Service contracts can include the following:
    • Telephone support.
    • Planned preventative maintenance visits.
    • Special health check visit prior to peak season and other high demand periods.
    • Contracted response times to issues.
    • Software and data backup services.
    • Offsite disaster recovery centre.
    • VPN direct connection for anywhere in the world support.

Contract Elements:

  • Basic contract may involve online and telephone support only.
    • Defined number of support calls for a given time period.
    • Remote access to software via the secure VPN.
    • Use of onsite video support.
  • Maintenance and onsite elements.
    • The number of visits can be based on fixed time intervals; use count information (number of operations or run-time) or profiled to meet seasonal use.
  • Third-party support for equipment such as packaging machines; printers and other bought-in specialist items.
  • Data and software support is equally important as a traditional mechanical service.
    • Back-up of data.
    • Disaster recovery (cyber attack or sudden service interruption).
    • Regular system checks for integrity and operation.
  • Spare parts supply.
    • Discounts available if a service contract is signed.
    • Recommended package supply and review.
    • Usage analysis.
    • Inventory review after service visits. 

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