Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

New investment starting to arrive

Axiom GB Ltd is proud to design, build & install a majority of the equipment supplied in its material handling solutions provided to the fulfilment, warehouse and ecommerce markets.  Modern premises and continued investment allows more efficient and flexible manufacture of our products, with the latest new investment starting to arrive in the factory to improve the manufacture of the equipment.

Whilst the Roscamat Mosquito is a relatively small addition to Axiom GB Ltd, the time saved in tapping threaded holes and reduction in tap breakages is considerable.  The unit has been supplied with a dedicated work table on casters to enable it to be moved about the workshop.  The relationship between the chuck and work holding will ensure tapping is perpendicular, with the robust arm giving no deviation from the intended path, this alongside the torque limiting drive gives repeatable tapped holes. The Mosquito and table were supplied by Cotswold Machinery Sales Ltd. 

In the last 12 months a fourth stratsys FR370 3D additive printer has been added.  This is the CR version, allowing for reinforced polymer blends to be used, as opposed to the standard FR370 which can only run unfilled polymer feedstock. The reinforcement, normally carbon fibre, allows for components to be designed for additional strength, such as the divert fingers on the MSS-075 Sliding Shoe Sorter. Under accelerated testing conditions, the carbon-reinforced printed fingers had >100x the longevity of the previous manufactured versions.

The Mosquito is the first addition in the current investment plan, whilst a relatively simple piece of equipment it is already showing its worth on current projects.

Due before the end of April, is an ERMES 4-Axis CNC machine supplied by CIBOR Woodworking Machinery Ltd.  This will allow multiple drilling and finishing tasks to be completed in-house. 

One such task is the finishing of the conveyor side profiles. This anodised aluminium profile is common across the Axiom range of belt, gravity and powered roller and ZLP conveyors and is extruded to Axiom’s own design and supplied in 6m lengths.  The current supply involves the profile being cut to the required length and then drilled and finished by a sub-contractor.  The new CNC 4-Axis machining centre will allow this to be completed in-house, minimising stock holding and delivery times.

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