Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Belt Conveyor Systems

Axiom designed, built and installed solutions boost productivity and increase efficiency.

What Are Bespoke Belt Conveyor Systems?

An Axiom supplied Belt Conveyor System is based on a robust design with many key features developed to excel in materials handling applications, but also applicable to wider operational areas.

A belt conveyor has many features built in to allow for long and efficient running. The choice of the belt finish also allows for a large range of products to be transported.

Our engineers will design and build the control system for your conveyor solution to guarantee the maximum performance and deliver your exact needs.

Key Features of Belt Conveyors:

  • Conveyors Axiom’s own design and build
  • Based around a common proprietary anodised aluminium side profile across all conveyor types
  • Drives supplied from servo; AC & DC motors and drum-motor rollers as required
  • Drives either mounted centrally or at the end
  • Central underslung tracking & belt tensioning
  • Linear speeds >2.0 m/s common for high throughput lines
    • >10,000 packages per hour possible
  • Integration of side guides
  • Sensors supplied from all major manufacturers
  • Moulded components to eliminate trap points and for easy mounting of sensors
  • Pressed steel legs and adjustable feet for rigidity
  • Conveyors capable of handling all common types of packages seen in logistics and warehousing type applications:
    • Plastic totes
    • Boxes or cartons
    • Padded envelopes
    • Bagged product
    • Envelopes

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