Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Sliding Shoe Sorter

Why an Axiom sliding shoe sorter?

Axiom is the only UK designer and manufacturer of Sliding Shoe Sorters.

The ASS-075 Sorter has been developed over 15 years to give class leading performance as part of a material handling solution. A sliding shoe sorter is the most universal of all the methods of sortation. Can be used for bagged, boxed and padded enveloped packages without modification. Gentle diversion prevents package damage and maintains the direction of travel off the sorter. 

An Axiom designed, built and installed solution that will boost your productivity and increase efficiency.

Key Features:

  • 75mm slats give short build lengths for a given sortation capacity.
  • Throughputs of >10000* packages per hour.
  • Single- or bi-directional sortation possible.
  • Electrical switch operation –
    • No Compressed Air required.
  • Number of shoes allocated according to the package length.
  • Gentle diversion guidance prevents package damage.
  • Product maintains direction of travel as it is diverted.
  • Packages from 150x100x10mm to 1500x800x800mm (LxWxH) handled on the same system.
    • Random size delivery is no issue.
  • Uses include:
    • Cross-docking cells.
    • Mail / courier sortation.
    • Single stream of mixed products to palletising cells.


Note: * actual throughput will depend on package length; centre of gravity and other factors reviewed on each project.

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