Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

The little details – Why design matters

Axiom is proud of the attention to detail in the design of all our supplied material handling solutions. The design and detail are fundamental to the efficiency and longevity in the running of the equipment.

The purchase price of any automation is always a consideration, everything needs to be paid for. If the choice is between two suppliers, the initial purchase cost is a consideration, but if the line does not achieve the required overall equipment efficiency (OEE) any price difference is quickly eliminated. The line does not reach quoted capacities with regular stoppages, additional labour is required to handle the orders and volumes.

In a previous full blog, Axiom highlighted 10-key conveyor design considerations, which looks at the key design and engineering considerations for a successful project. The little details are equally important to the running of any conveyor or automation system.

The Price of Stoppages

It is surprising how simple faults, such as a sensor or reflector knocked out of alignment can quickly add up to lost OEE and operator frustration. Just 15 line stops a day of 10 minutes each can quickly add up to 17.5 hours in a week.  For a cross-docking cell running at 6000 packages per hour this can reduce the OEE by 10% on its own: a reduction of >100000 handled packages in a week.

The Little Details – Why Design Matters?

One area Axiom has carefully looked at the design of, is the mounting of sensors and reflectors on a conveyor. Warehouse material handling systems can often have at least one sensor on each conveyor, sometimes more.  Multiply this by the number of conveyors and factor in the operator movement often close by and the chance of knocks and misalignment is large. By 3D additive printing the mounts and incorporating these into the guide rails:

  • Rigid mounting to keep the original installed position.
  • Nothing to be caught by product or operators to bend or twist out of alignment.
  • Sensor shrouded by the mounting; prevents knocking and reduces unnecessary operator adjustment.
  • Smooth guiderail profile for good product transportation, especially soft bagged packages.

The Benefits of Good Design

This is a small, but important, example of the little details Axiom incorporate into all our materials handling solutions; whether conveyors, sortation systems or a complete installation, that ensure the projects meets the require goals. Not just after installation but for many months and years afterwards with minimal maintenance.

Why Axiom GB Ltd?

Axiom are a family business based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK. The company has 25-years of experience as a leading supplier of material handling automation solutions across a range of industries, but specialising in the supply of systems for logistics, warehousing and fulfilment applications. The combination of conveyors, sorting systems, control and data handling provides turnkey projects for many well-known companies.

By reviewing each project on its own merits, Axiom strives to provide the optimum solution to exceed the base requirements of the automation.

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