Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Logistics and Automation

Axiom your supplier of choice for logistics & warehousing automation.

Axiom’s history is deeply rooted in logistics automation with early incarnations of the company making labellers and then control systems for third party hardware.

Axiom has been involved with projects from simple conveyor systems taking manually packed boxes to a despatch area through to £1m+ complete warehouse automation projects.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, Axiom will apply the same philosophy of careful selection of the optimum components to exceed the customers’ requirements and allow years of trouble free running.  

Axiom is the supplier of choice for materials handling solutions. 

What’s new in material handling systems.

Axiom is at the forefront of  the latest technology used in warehouse and logistics material handling automation.

  • AGV / AMR:
    • Auto-guided vehicles and Automated Mobile Robots allow the flexible movement from single boxes; racking to full pallets without the need of operators.
    • Sophisticated software linked to the WCS allows optimal movements within a site.
    • AI algorithms constantly optimise usage and routes. 
    • Sensors allow safe operation alongside workers without physical barrier separation.
      • Vastly decreased collision risk compared with manually operator trucks & movers.
  • AS/RS:
    • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems.
    • From single tote handling through to pallets.
    • All location allocation optimised by software.
    • No unknown position contents.
  • Dimension; Weigh & Scanning (DWS) Systems:
    • Axiomworks with well known partners to offer the best technology on the market.
    • Working with suppliers, like SICK, enable 6000 packages per minute handling.
    • Scanning multiple lables over 6-sides of the box to recognise the required code.
      • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software allows reading of writing or identifying Haz-chem symbols.
    • Measured dimension and weight information  can be compared to vendor supplied data.
      • Quality check that package as advised.
      • Allows more efficient storage and transport planning. 

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