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Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems

Pallet Handling Conveyors – Versatile and Efficient

Pallet Conveyor

A pallet handling conveyor is a versatile addition to any warehouse that uses pallets to move products. It can automatically transport, accumulate or distribute pallets of goods safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Axiom’s range of high performance pallet conveyors can be supplied with a wide range of components to suit a variety of different applications and industries.

Turnkey Pallet Conveyor Solutions

Axiom has an established relationship with a market leading supplier of pallet handling conveyor parts and subassemblies to system integrators.

With the supply of these parts and subassemblies, alongside our own range of pallet handling accessories, we deliver bespoke turnkey pallet handling solutions.

Pallet Conveyors – Custom-built by specialists

Experienced engineers will assess your particular requirements to design a tailored system that will reduce manpower and increase process efficiency.

The systems include roller pallet conveyors with direct drive or pallet accumulation, lift up transfers, turntables, chain conveyors, transfer cars, pallet lifts and gravity roller systems.

Our skilled team of Axiom engineers carry out the installation and commissioning of each pallet conveyor. They will integrate the system with other onsite equipment to ensure the smooth flow of stock through the warehouse processes.

Handling a Range of Pallet Types

Axiom designs robust pallet handling solutions to handle a range of pallets including:

  • Two-way entry pallets
  • Four-way entry pallets
  • Wing type pallets
  • Closed block pallets
  • Euro pallets

If you’re looking for a materials handling system and want to talk to a company with all the right credentials, contact Axiom GB for a consultation on 01827 61212 or email