Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Mechanical Handling

Bespoke automation solutions by Axiom GB Ltd

Tailored Mechanical Handling Solutions

Our engineering knowledge and experience, enables Axiom to utilise standard parts to develop bespoke solutions to meet very specific client requirements.

A Methodology to Deliver Successful Solutions to Specific Challenges

Many clients have very specific requirements which can’t be satisfied from standard product ranges.

It is not always obvious where to find a supplier for such specialised product; as a result, you can end up with something that doesn’t exactly meet your requirements.

At Axiom, we have established a reputation for developing mechanical handling systems that do not appear on a standard product list, but do meet your exact needs.

Our design and engineering skills enable us to develop solutions tailored to meet your precise project criteria.

Key Features:

  • Integration of third party equipment such as 6-axis robots.
  • Use of specialist conveyor products:
    • Boom Loaders.
    • Spiral Conveyors.
  • Manipulators to rotate and close tote box interlocking lids.
  • Palletising cells for end of line systems.
  • Strapping of tote boxes.
    • Printing of unique code for a tamper evident feature.
  • Automated closing of collapsible pallet boxes and returnable transit packaging.

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