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Inline Packing Systems – the need for speed

In the last few years the demand for direct to customer (D2C) shipping has increased dramatically, leading to in-line packing systems to improve warehouse dispatch efficiencies. The demand has been driven by phone apps allowing easier internet shopping along with traditional access methods to the web. The decrease in delivery times demanded by consumers giving a significant knock-on effect for product distribution channels. In this rapidly changing world, slow, manual packaging processes are no longer a viable option.

Today’s high speed automated inline packing systems brings together sophisticated software with technologically advanced machinery. The resulting solutions process goods substantially faster than manual methods. This enables businesses to not only satisfy their customers but also increase both productivity and efficiency. A further important benefit is a decrease in labour costs.

Precision processing of inline packaging systems

To maximise productivity, each inline packing system is individually designed to meet the specific needs of a processing line whilst occupying the least possible floor space. From printing invoices and delivery notes that automatically insert into cartons, to packaging with print and apply despatch labels ready for shipping – the sky’s the limit when it comes to available inline packing options.

Twin level conveyors can be used to cleverly merge the correct documentation with the right product, and cameras and barcode readers constantly check the entire system for accuracy.

Greener and more sustainable packaging systems

With the shift towards more environmentally friendly solutions it’s vital that, wherever possible, packaging is kept to the absolute minimum. Fit to size technology is becoming more frequently used in carton packaging machinery, designed to use the minimum amount of packaging for a less costly and greener solution. Gone are the days of receiving big boxes for a small product, full of wasted space, large amounts of infill material and expensive shipping costs.

Modern bagging machines optimise the amount of material to wrap a product safely for despatch, cutting the bag to size and therefore reducing waste. Wrapping material now contains a minimum of 30% recycled material to comply with current regulations (higher recycled content is available, with some operators running >70%). New materials are always under development to reduce environmental impact and allow easier consumer recycling.

An automated packing line is a smart investment

Provided a specialist automation partner is involved, a high speed automated packing system is a smart investment which will result in considerable cost savings and quickly show a return on investment.

Tamworth based Axiom GB has supplied a number of cells to both the apparel and home-tech. In all cases the output has been increased dramatically over the manual packing systems previously employed. Options that can be included are integrated QC prior to packaging, whether this is in-line weighing to ensure the correct product has been picked to image capture as proof of shipping.

Matthew Nickson, director of Axiom GB concludes, “One of the strengths of our business is our ability to work with customers to create unique inline packing solutions for their facilities. We welcome interesting challenges, so please give us a call.”

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