Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Axiom GB works along side Clipper at Asda

Axiom GB has installed an Automated packing and dispatch solution for Asda. The system was installed in September and has now doubled throughput for Asda’s online orders for homeware.


Clipper Logistics are one of Asda’s key partners and are running the system at their Nottingham facility.

The system uses 3 different size boxes, these are manually added to the conveyor, the boxes then travel to the picking areas. Pickers sign into the Manhattan warehouse management system which gives them a group of orders and the size of box required for each pick. Once the order has been picked, it is then weighed, labelled and scanned to see if everything is correct. The automation system has a mixture of Swivel wheel sorters, belt conveyors and roller conveyors.


Integration between Metapack and Axiom GB software ensures that the correct label is applied to each box. The two labelling machines work in tandem to process the swiftly moving boxes and then the boxes are boom loaded on to a trailer. The click and collect boxes are

then sorted into Asda’s eleven regional depots.

Automated packing and dispatch solution

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