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Bespoke automated solutions for your specific materials handling challenges

No two materials handling challenges are the same.

Most companies have specific issues and simply selecting from standard product ranges cannot solve these issues. To further complicate matters, customers do not know what products they need or which supplier they should turn to. It’s really useful, therefore, to find a partner who really understands your needs. It is also helpful if they can deliver the entire project from the initial consultation to installation, commissioning and then service and supporting of the equipment.

Bespoke automated solutions – how to get the most from them

Axiom GB has a vast amount of experience in producing bespoke solutions for specific materials handling challenges. Potential clients approach Axiom with their challenge – whether it is a bottleneck in production or a pick, packing, sortation issue. Axiom will then design and build a unique solution based on the requirements.

In order to ensure that Axiom fully understands your needs, their engineers thoroughly assess your current processes. Their design deliberations focus on the particular goals you are aiming to achieve from an automated solution.  Whether it is faster throughput, cost savings or increasing productivity, it is important that Axiom has an in-depth understanding of your needs.

How bespoke automated solutions for materials handling increase productivity

You may be looking to fit out a new facility or perhaps you need a replacement for an older and increasingly unreliable system. If your current system is failing you and your requirements, it can cost your business both time and money.

The ever-upward curve of e-commerce has seen more and more companies turn to automation, not only to cope with the increasing demand from internet shopping, but also to handle peak periods such as Black Friday, seasonal sales and special occasion events.

Needing to find temporary workers and train them up at short notice makes it increasingly difficult to meet demand. With the right automated solution, Axiom can design a system to handle not only your normal production volumes, but also ensure it is able to operate at peak throughput when necessary. This allows companies to retain their regular staff numbers without the pressures of needing to find extra staff during peak periods.

Bespoke automated solutions for e-commerce demands

With e-commerce retailers facing increasing pressure to meet customer’s next day or even same day delivery demands, automation has become essential.

Axiom is experienced in producing bespoke automated e-commerce solutions including those for single item processing. Historically, single item orders have had to be processed by hand, which is not only time consuming, but also prone to human error. Axiom has designed and engineered a fully automated handling system, which can handle single item orders. Products can be scanned in, married up with the paperwork and accessories before being bagged, labelled and sorted.



Automation controls and bespoke software packages

When investing in an automation system, it’s important to choose a full service supplier who can deliver everything you need to get your system running. As well as designing and installing the system, Axiom specialises in providing controls for integration into conveyors and warehouse systems.

In addition to controls, it is also essential to ensure that you install the correct logistics software. Effective software is fundamental to the success of any warehouse automation project. Axiom has extensive experience in producing bespoke software packages to ensure the precise needs of your business are catered for.

Not only will the correct controls and software allow your system to maximise its full potential, it will help reduce energy costs with its automatic sleep function, which turns off your system during quiet periods where no stock is being processed.

Case Study: Axiom’s recipe for success for Tamar Foods

Axiom designed and installed a bespoke and complex solution for West Country bakery, Tamar Foods to increase productivity and save energy costs.

“The existing conveyor was 12 years old; it was extremely noisy, very unreliable, difficult to maintain and, of course, couldn’t handle the M&S totes. So, to meet the terms of the M&S contract we had to invest in a new conveyor solution.

“The new system not only had to handle the M&S totes, but also our own cardboard cartons which vary in size and shape. In addition, we wanted it to have an accumulation capability. The old system didn’t have this and with our very high throughput rates it caused endless problems. An issue anywhere on the system meant we had to stop the entire line, which led to product piling up and high levels of inefficiency.”

– Steve Towsey, Project Engineer – Tamar Foods

Read the full case study here…


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