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Increase productivity by automating pick, pack, sortation and dispatch processes

Customers are turning to e-commerce more than ever. Statistics show that consumers are favouring instant shopping experiences using mobile devices or voice search. It is estimated that purchases made on smartphones are set to increase to 50 per cent by 2020*. In addition to this, 50 per cent of all searches online will be voice searches by 2020*. As a result, online orders are being placed faster than ever before with fulfilment centres constantly needing to battle these increasing pressures.

In addition to instant shopping, consumers are also expecting delivery speeds to match. In recent years, there has been an increase in next day or even same day delivery options. In order to meet these demands and keep up with competitors, it is essential that fulfilment centres automate their pick, pack, sortation and dispatch processes.

Axiom GB Ltd is a designer & manufacturer of material handling solutions. High-speed Print + Apply labellers are critical to most cells. Let’s talk…. We’d love to help you solve your materials handling challenges. +44(0)1827 61212

Axiom GB Ltd supplied conveyors within a DC cell. Let's talk…. We'd love to help solve your materials handling challenges. +44(0)1827 61212






Automating pick, pack, sortation and dispatch – what are the benefits?

There are several key reasons as to why so many companies are turning to automation in order to meet e-commerce demands.

  • 24/7 Operation capabilities: With shorter time frames to meet for pick, pack, sortation and dispatch, automation allows you to operate your facility at the times you choose. An automated system is able to run for as little or as long as you need it to. The major benefit of this is the ability to ramp up production during peak retail periods such as Black Friday or Christmas. This removes the pressure of having to source and train extra staff members at short notice for temporary contracts. It is also easier to complete tasks during anti-social hours in order to meet throughput targets.


  • Reliable accuracy: Automating pick, pack, sortation and dispatch processes increases accuracy. It is extremely important for customer satisfaction to ensure that orders are picked and sorted correctly for onwards destination. The rectification of errors can cost fulfilment centres in both time and money. An automated system reduces the likelihood of human error – especially for repetitive tasks.


  • Increased throughput and productivity: It is fairly obvious that automated systems can pack and sort items quicker than manual labour. However, automation can increase productivity as systems can sort by several different sortation criterions throughout the line such as weight and destination. This allows for more tasks to be completed within the same time period whilst increasing throughput rates.


  • Cost savings: Whilst automated systems are a large initial cost, they pay for themselves over time. A well-maintained system can last years and also be modified should your needs change in the future.

How can Axiom GB help you increase throughput and productivity?

Axiom is a leader in producing sorters, conveyors and materials handling systems in general. With extensive experience of producing bespoke automated solutions, they pride themselves on being able to solve the most difficult of material handling challenges.

Working with you, Axiom will firstly examine your current processes and discuss the issues you are currently facing. Without understanding your business, a supplier will fail to provide the best solution for you. Once Axiom has the information they need, they will design and produce a bespoke automation solution for your facility. Taking care of the installation process and working around your business operation, you can be assured that Axiom will handle the stresses of the project for you.

Let’s talk….

We’d love to help you solve your materials handling challenges.

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