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Axiom GB Launches the High-speed ASS Sliding Shoe Sorter

Automation specialist Axiom GB, the only UK company to manufacture sliding shoe sortation systems, has launched the powerful ASS Sliding Shoe Sorter. Designed and built using the latest technology at the company’s Tamworth headquarters, the Axiom ASS Sliding Shoe Sorter can reliably handle high speed sorting of more than 10,000 diverse items per hour.

The system design of the new ASS Sliding Shoe Sorter is based on a 3” slat and shoe with close pitch outfeeds which gives it a compact footprint, 75% less than most other shoe sorters. This configuration also means that the ASS can achieve high sorting speeds with lower linear speeds.

Axiom’s latest sorter has been engineered to accurately sort a wide range of product types up to 1500mm long x 800mm wide x 800mm high. It can handle parcels together with totes, cartons, books, CDs/DVDs, polybagged items and jiffy bags. The solution is ideal for a wide range of warehouse and intralogistics markets, these include 3pl and cross-docking facilities. The sliding shoe sorter can be used where high-speed accurate sortation is required within a process to limit the number of product touch points. The ASS Sliding Shoe Sorter is just one of a wide range of materials handling solutions that Axiom GB can supply.

Automatic adjustment

During operation, the ASS Sliding Shoe Sorter automatically allocates the correct number of shoes to cover different product lengths, diverting the shoes to smoothly push each product into a particular chute or onto a conveyor or outfeed. Although this is a high-speed sorter it maintains gentle control over goods, making it particularly suited to handling products for delivery where item orientation is critical.

Supplied in either 20 or 30 degrees divert formats, Axiom’s ASS sorter can be manufactured as a single or double sided unit. It has a modular design with an aluminium main frame and fabricated bracing channels to increase rigidity and stability.

Many of the sorter’s individual parts can be tailored to suit customers’ requirements. This includes sorter width, divert angle and even shoe design. The ASS sorter can also be manufactured in a customised colour, for example, to match a customer’s corporate identity.

Efficient and economical

Axiom’s ASS sorter is totally British designed and manufactured. Its construction includes an aluminium extruded framework, 3D printed parts and injection moulded components. This simple component supply line has made the new sorter a cost-effective option and, as Axiom will hold raw materials in stock, it will be available on a short lead time.

In operation, the ASS sorter is also very economical. Equipped with a highly efficient gear unit, the overall power required to activate the sorter is extremely low.

It is fitted out with several innovative safety features that immediately stop the sorter if a product gets caught in either a slat or a shoe. These advanced safety systems prevent products from being drawn into the sorter.

Matthew Nickson, director of Axiom GB has already had considerable interest in the company’s new sorter, he explains:

“Our ASS sliding shoe sorter is the culmination of several years’ design and development work. For the first time, we have a shoe sorter that will be available not only as part of a solution to end-users but also as a stand-alone piece of equipment that we can offer directly to integrators.

“Our new shoe sorter represents the very best of Axiom quality, accuracy and reliability. Combining these properties with high throughput speeds and low running costs has resulted in a competitive sorter which is ideal for a diverse range of products.

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