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Does your materials handling supplier have ISO 27001- the top information security management certification?

As cyber-attacks become more numerous it has never been more important to eliminate or minimise the risk of a security breach that could have severe legal or business continuity implications.

What does achieving ISO 27001 mean?

This prestigious stamp of best practice achieved recently by Axiom GB proves that the company has implemented an information security management system (ISMS) which meets the required high standard. This management framework of policies and procedures ensures the protection of sensitive data, whatever the format, within the company.

An effective ISMS minimises risk by pro-actively limiting the impact of a security breach on the company.

ISO 27001 is a respected accreditation that not only demonstrates Axiom’s commitment to data protection and security, but also enables the company’s compliance with a host of laws, including the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The focus is on protecting three key aspects of information:

1. Confidentiality: The information is not available or disclosed to unauthorised
people, entities or processes.

2. Integrity: The information is complete and accurate, and protected from

3. Availability: The information is accessible and usable by authorised users.

What are the benefits to Axiom’s customers?

Axiom’s customers and stakeholders can have full confidence that the company maintains a world-class data security management system. They can be secure in the knowledge that Axiom staff have identified the risks, assessed the implications and put in place systemised controls to limit any damage from a security breach to the organisation.

The certification also confirms that the company’s stringent security of data systems and information management have been independently assessed to an international standard based on industry best practices.

A culture of continuous improvement

Matthew Nickson, director of Axiom GB, comments “With the wealth of information handled by companies each day, every business is now a target for a cyber-attack. This means that the importance of protecting and managing sensitive data cannot be underestimated.

“Customers expect us to have secure systems in place and we have worked hard to develop our policies and procedures to ensure that we have effective defences in place. Our culture of continuous improvement gives Axiom an edge over its competitors and the ISO 27001 accreditation is further proof of our pursuit of operational excellence.”


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