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Why is it wise to choose a family-run business as your automated solution provider?

So you’re in the market for an automated system for your distribution centre, how can you narrow down your selection process? There are many companies to choose from and naturally reputation and expertise are vitally important but have you considered checking out the ownership structure?

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that it would be wise to select a family owned and run business, so let’s take a closer look at the benefits.


A strong ownership culture

Managers are often told to ‘think like an owner’ and when it’s family that forms the management of an organisation that’s a given. A strong ownership culture promotes commitment to long-term goals rather than short-term performance. It encourages the workforce to have a shared vision to get the job done to the best of their ability.

This type of collective company mind-set makes both family members and their staff feel responsible for the future success of each and every project. It is an attitude that inspires dedication to a task and is seen as a great benefit to potential partners, particularly those who are looking for a materials handling supplier who can deliver a really impressive job on time and in budget.


A flexible ‘can-do’ attitude

Family-run companies like Tamworth based Axiom GB are never really off duty. They are constantly thinking about the best way to service and support their customers, both established and new.

Their success relies on excellent teamwork and having talented staff that are versatile enough to take on different roles and workloads to ensure a project’s successful completion.


Survival of the fittest

It’s essential that companies are financially fit to survive an economic downturn and family controlled firms tend to carry less debt than their competitors.

They have a long-term prospective, associating debt with risk helps to guarantee their longevity. This, in turn, gives security to potential customers that they are dealing with a viable company with a strong financial capability which won’t let them down.


Two decades of successful trading

Axiom GB is a family owned and run materials handling business which is now in its 20th year of successful trading. It was formed in 1999 by John Nickson and his two sons to bring together its controls and mechanical handling businesses. Prior to establishing his own business, John headed up the UK operation of a European conveyor company.

He is still working full time in the company designing bespoke projects for customers. He works alongside his son Matthew, who runs the engineering department. Karen, Matthew’s wife also works for Axiom, looking after customer relations and heading up marketing.

Samantha, their daughter, has recently joined Axiom to manage the accounts department. The company is very proud to have three generations of the family working in the business.

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