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How conveyors can increase the efficiency of your business

If your business involves transporting parts or products it’s almost guaranteed that a conveyor can increase your company’s efficiency. Whether you’re in a factory, warehouse or a distribution centre, streamlining the transport of goods by automation is a sure-fire way to increase your levels of productivity.

Conveyor Benefits – Less Danger of Accidents

A conveyor system is not only a reliable method of moving products through production processes or a picking/packing environment, but it is also a simple step to making any working environment into a safer place. With reduced manual handling it will lighten the load on your employees and with fewer forklift trucks there is less danger of accidents.

Lakeland Installation - August 2015

Conveyor Benefits – Improved Accuracy of Product Movements

Another way that conveyors can help to increase efficiency is by improving the accuracy of your product movements. Intelligent software can interface with a warehouse management system to track the movement of goods and sort products, whilst checkweigh points ensure picks have been completed correctly.

Conveyor Benefits – An Energy Saving Feature

An energy saving feature that can be built into a conveyor system is the ability to power the conveyor in zoned sections, rather than the entire conveyor. In this way, the conveyor only goes live on demand, minimising energy use and maximising cost savings.


Invest In A Conveyor

If floor space is at a premium, why not use redundant roof space and invest in an overhead conveyor? There are usually fewer obstacles to negotiate above ground so products can be routed directly to where they are needed; this often means that a shorter conveyor is required. Whatever you decide, remember first to get some advice from an expert like Axiom – it’s always free of charge and it will mean that when you do invest in a conveyor you will be spending money wisely.

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