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Is it time to replace your old conveyor system? 4 key reasons for change – our checklist for success

A good quality conveyor system which is well maintained is going to last a long time, but is your conveyor system becoming increasingly unreliable, and you feel it’s time to upgrade?

There are obvious signs that are powerful indicators that it’s time to move on, that your antiquated system is costing your business too much in terms of both time and money. Take a moment to read through Axiom’s checklist of reasons why now may be the time to take the important step to change your conveyor system.

1. Can your conveyor solution keep pace with today’s fast turnaround ecommerce demands?

Automation has dramatically changed the distribution environment. Modern distribution centres use conveyor solutions that are designed to maximise productivity.

Operators process products at carefully designed workstations that are positioned strategically around conveyors. Products are automatically transported from picking through to processing, packing and onwards to despatch. Careful configuration of floor layout and use of automated technology enables manufacturers to meet next day or even same day order to delivery timeframes.

2. Are you making the most of the latest software techniques?

Speed, accuracy and control are the main benefits of the latest software techniques. Specialist software engineers design standard software programs for automated conveyor systems and, when necessary, integration and business logic software too.

These procedures enable your new conveyor system to interface effectively with your existing machinery. This ensures that products can be transported seamlessly through various stages of the automated process and tracked accurately throughout so that the right products are delivered to the right customer at the right time.

3. Is your conveyor system noisy and unreliable?

Naturally you want to make the most of your initial investment, but even well maintained machinery that is getting old is more likely to become noisy and unreliable. It is also more likely to fail, causing costly downtime to throughput and rendering your business unable to fulfil orders.

Today’s conveyor systems use cutting edge technology, making them not only robust and reliable, but also quieter and with lower maintenance requirements than their older counterparts.

4. Does your conveyor system save you money?

The latest software techniques have been specifically designed to get the maximum performance from a modern conveyor system. Intelligent controls allow you to regulate the speed of each conveyor zone. Better power efficiency reduces running costs as systems are tailor-made to deliver your exact requirements.

To further reduce spending on energy; Axiom GB has manufactured an automatic ‘sleep’ function. This stops the conveyor when there are no products on it.

Making the decision to invest in a new conveyor system is an important step. It requires careful consideration, planning and, of course, a degree of investment. If you would like to enlist the help of an experienced team you can trust to guide you through the process, contact Axiom for a consultation on 01827 61212 or email

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