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Keeping the customer satisfied – fast, error-free order fulfilment

It is almost impossible to entirely eliminate all fulfilment errors, but there are a number of simple procedures and practices that you can use to minimise them to an acceptable level.

WMS to keep track of technology

Controlling and administering the operation of a warehouse or distribution centre is a complex business. Investing in a modern Warehouse Management System (WMS) from an established supplier is the first step to achieving accuracy from order import into your facility to order shipment.

Manual processes increase errors in order fulfilment

It’s a known fact that manual interaction increases the chances of human error; whether it is a miss-pick, a mistake during data entry or a miss-pack. There is no doubt that these errors will prove costly, not only in terms of time and effort but also the possibility of losing a customer with the subsequent impact on profit. Eliminating manual methods from an order fulfilment operation is one of the main keys to success.

Automate order processing to improve accuracy

Automating each stage of the order processing system will not only help to control these mistakes, but also quickly prove valuable in terms of increased accuracy and therefore efficiency. Talking to a trusted expert in the field of automation will help you to identify your particular challenges and the best way to rectify them. Ultimately the rewards of an automated system are better customer experience and satisfaction.

Begin with barcoding for error-free order processing

One of the greatest opportunities for error is during the picking process. This can be especially evident when the products being processed aren’t barcoded. Once products are barcoded they can be logged into the warehouse management system, checked against orders as they are picked, tracked by scanners during packing and sortation right up to the final dispatch process.

Automation for single order processing

In the past single order items have had to be processed by hand. Axiom GB has designed and engineered a fully automated system to handle single order items.

This system allows product to be scanned in, married up with relevant paperwork and accessories, before being automatically bagged, labelled and sorted. It dramatically improves productivity and eliminates potential errors.

View the Unipart Technology Logistics video case study here…

How to reduce packaging material

Ensuring that the packaging is sufficiently robust to protect the products being shipped is vital to minimise damage and therefore returns. The latest packaging machinery cuts down on wasted cardboard by sensing the height of product to be packaged and cutting the box to the correct height. This reduces the volume of ‘filler’ required and helps to protect the products which do not move around during transit.

Check-weigh to verify pick accuracy

When it is possible to verify orders by weight, a proven method of minimising order fulfilment faults is to send packaged products through a check-weigh system to validate pick accuracy.

Quality control of the pick process

Whether you implement random quality control checks after the pick process or systematic checks of all orders just prior to shipping, there’s no getting away from the importance of a quality control element to constantly check the accuracy of your fulfilment operation.

No room for error in order fulfilment

Build perfection into your order fulfilment processes through automation to achieve error-free orders and in the words of Simon & Garfunkel, you’ll keep your customers satisfied.

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