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Global materials handling equipment market value over US$ 50 billion by 2024

Recently published industrial market information from The Insight Partners* has shown that the automated materials handling equipment market is experiencing huge growth around the globe.

Valued at US$ 28.6 billion in 2017, the forecast growth for the world market is estimated to be        US$ 51.2 billion by 2025. This astounding increase is fuelled by the global growth in the use of automated materials handling equipment in the automotive industry, followed by e-commerce, logistics and aerospace.


Automation for accuracy and efficiency

The popularity of automated materials handling equipment, automated guided vehicles and robotic solutions in the rapidly growing e-commerce industry cannot be underestimated. Suppliers and manufacturers are commissioning the automated fit out of new warehouses and distribution centres across the globe.

The resulting benefits of fast, accurate storage, sorting and processing together with reduced operational costs have transformed the industry. The e-commerce players are now equipped to provide a highly efficient, error-free service.

Reflecting the global trend, the materials handling market in the UK is also demonstrating high growth, with the continuing rise in demand for automation across both manufacturing and e-commerce industries.

For those companies who are seeking an automated solution to maximise their productivity, selecting a trustworthy partner company is the first step. We at Axiom GB tailor our systems to meet your specific needs to enable you to achieve your logistics goals.


Case Study

Axiom’s automated solution doubles productivity for Asda

Axiom’s automated packing and dispatch solution for Asda has enabled the company to double its order throughput of its online homeware merchandise. The solution has been installed for Asda at Clipper Logistics’ Boughton facility in Nottinghamshire.

The continued expansion of Asda’s homeware e-commerce business prompted the decision to automate the packing and dispatch process.

Nathan Bower is Senior Director of Engineering and Network Capacity (previously Senior Manager) for Asda Stores Ltd., he says “There were a number of factors we had to take into consideration when choosing a partner for this project and we’re pleased with the final solution from Axiom as it benefits our customers greatly.

“Our productivity has moved on massively – we process twice as much volume as before in the same amount of footage. The automated solution Axiom has delivered with us is a good quality, professional product.”


Watch the Asda case study video here


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*The Insight Partners is a leading market research firm serving syndicate, custom and rapid research solutions with global market analysis.

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