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How to increase efficiency by combining conveyors and robotics

Test installation of robot and conveyor
Test installation of robot and conveyor in Axiom GB’s manufacturing facility

As robotic technology becomes more accepted in the materials handling and logistics industry, today’s ‘smart’ warehouses are increasingly incorporating robots into their automated systems to achieve a higher-level processing experience.

It is important, however, to ensure that your chosen robotic solution will integrate successfully into your operation. More than likely it will need to work with one or more supporting conveyors. The act of transporting product to the robot and taking it away again once the task has been completed is a vital part of the operation. Static robots cannot function properly if they don’t have a constant supply of products fed to them.

To ensure that you achieve an efficient conveyor to robot integration, it is important to choose a knowledgeable and experienced materials handling firm to partner with. Select a company like Axiom GB, one that can demonstrate it is capable of integrating complex robotic technology with its conveyors.

Involve your chosen partner as early as possible in the project design phase. The ultimate aim is to achieve a streamlined, automated solution which although likely to be complex, remains simple to operate.

Get it right and this merging of conveyor and robotics makes automation not only more efficient and safe, but ultimately more cost-effective.  

Conveyor technology for robotic applications

Moving the right product to the right place at exactly the right time is vital for a streamlined robotic solution. That’s where a reliable materials handling system, that transports parts accurately and carefully, is essential for an efficient processing operation.  

It is critical that the conveyor be sufficiently engineered, using the latest technology, to work safely and efficiently in conjunction with the robot. Advanced conveyor control systems can be used to manage the precise movement of the product. Some systems use sensors to ensure the product is perfectly aligned, others use techniques to lift or rotate the product, but for the operation to be a success, the product must be correctly presented to the robot, on time, every time.  

Today’s conveyors are designed with robotic applications in mind and precision is a key factor. They are programmed to work in sync with robotic interaction and include gearmotor packages that will easily integrate into robot control systems.

Automated conveyor systems reduce labour costs

Naturally, an automated system that combines material handling robots and conveyors requires less manpower to operate than one using manual labour. With robots completing endlessly repetitive material transportation, for example loading and unloading pallets, businesses can benefit by reducing their labour force and cutting costs.

Where manpower is still required in different departments, workers can be redeployed to use their skills more efficiently elsewhere.

Robotic materials handling for increased productivity

One major benefits of robotic materials handling is that it removes the human error element from your processing line. Such errors can be both time-consuming and expensive.

Modern-day robots are designed to carry out tasks quickly, with ultimate accuracy and repeatability. This results in increased productivity and a more stream-lined operation.

How robots can improve safety

Robots are increasingly being used for end of line, palletising applications. Automating these previously slow manual processes, particularly those involving repeated lifting and turning, is leading to fewer worker injuries.

Sharing a workspace with robots on an automated line is becoming safer too. As technology evolves, smaller, more agile robots are being produced. These collaborative robots are better suited to a working environment which mixes human operatives with robotic ones.

How integrating robotics and conveyors saves money

One important benefit of merging conveyors with robotics is that it can save companies valuable floor space.

This type of automated system is compact, it can usually be installed in only half the space that would be required to run an equivalent, manually operated, system. Using a smaller footprint leads to increased productivity and cost effectiveness.

Advanced conveyor controls for an efficient operation

As robots become easier to program and a more cost-effective commodity, they have developed into an accepted element of a modern automated materials handling solution.

However, robots can only perform tasks efficiently if they are fed by a reliable conveyor system which means selecting an appropriate system is vital.

The various software and controls between robotic and conveyor elements must also be precisely integrated to ensure perfect performance. This is a complex task which, when done correctly, results in a simple, streamlined process that will transform the efficiency of any processing operation.  

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