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How to save money by investing in a sortation solution

Automatically placing the right parcel in the right place at the right time for onward dispatch is the job of a sortation solution and to purchase one requires a certain level of capital spending. However, persuading your fellow directors to part with the company’s hard earned profit to invest in this type of equipment shouldn’t be a leap of faith.


Choosing a warehouse automation supplier

If you’ve done your research and selected the right company to partner with, you will have facts and figures at your fingertips so that you can expound the real benefits of the sortation system to your business. Those benefits will not only include increased productivity and all the subsequent rewards that will bring, but also an accurate calculation of the return on investment (ROI) of the proposed system.

By thoroughly evaluating your investment in this way, an informed decision can be made based on the advantages to the business in both the short and the long term. Immediate benefits will include improved throughput and accuracy for better customer service; future gains will be in terms of profit – how long the sortation solution will take to pay for itself and how much money will be saved once it has.


Selecting the best automation solution for your application

Naturally, when the button has been pushed to go ahead, it’s then vital to select the correct sortation solution for your facility. This will be determined by both the size(s) of the product to be sorted and the speed required to complete the task. Every project is individual and therefore each system is a bespoke one.

A reputable partner, such as Axiom GB, will outline the various sorter options available, and recommend the most suitable one for your requirements. Do take the opportunity, it should be on offer, to view an existing installation. This will help you to get a real feel for the company’s automated solution in action; it will also give you an insight into the service levels and working relationships that the company achieves with its customers.


How sortation provides a competitive advantage

With increasing pressure on supply chains for fast and responsive distribution to customers, it’s now more important than ever to ensure you are sending out goods at the lowest cost per parcel or garment. There’s plenty of evidence to support why investment in a sortation solution will allow you to achieve this objective and save money. To ease the decision making process of investing in such a system, it’s the task of your chosen supplier to substantiate their claims with supporting facts.

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