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Improving Logistics Automation

Automation at its finest drives many benefits to help a company’s bottom-line

The benefits of logistics automation include a save in labour, a reduction in risk of error via improved accuracy, consistency, and a speeding up of processes. And all of this can make a massive positive impact on profitability.

What does improving logistics automation look like?

Well this will very much depend on you – on your current operations and future business model possibilities. At Axiom, having got more than 300 projects under our belts, we’ve worked with customers across all main sectors. And for long enough to know that when it comes to getting logistics automation spot on, there really is no one-size-fits-all option.

From working with one of the leading UK chemists to ensure the smooth-running of their booming ecommerce operation, to a Romanian book publisher with a labelling and sorting requirement, it’s our job to find the right solution to save costs, reduce labour and improve accuracy.

Logistics automation solutions are tailor-made to meet requirements. Whilst this is far from an exhaustive list, here are some of the benefits our systems have offered our diverse client spectrum:

  • High speed sortation
  • Saving on floorspace
  • Minimal maintenance – hassle-free efficiency
  • Unbeatable speed
  • Unique item identification
  • Longer hours of operation
  • Improved quality control
  • Overall reduction of staff


Whoever you are… and regardless of what industry you’re in, businesses are looking for solutions for production that allow them to optimise processes. Warehouse efficiency promotes productivity, which is essential to customer satisfaction. Minimising the use of manual intervention can save time, make sure there’s less room for error (and therefore unaccounted for costs) and reduce overheads overall.

When size matters… often there’s a limited footprint for the operation space and as businesses grow and evolve you need a productivity model with room to expand and be responsive. Automation as a rule means a more efficient use of spacetightening up productivity.

And when speed counts… a consistency in speed can make the difference to remaining profitable and competitive, at a time when nobody wants to lose a single customer.

Take our client Superdrug. With their ecommerce business growing rapidly, they needed a system that could manage around 6000 orders per hour. Fact is, whatever business you’re in, your customers expect the order they require to be precisely correct and on time.

Reliability is key… when logistics automation is employed products can be automatically tracked and monitored through the entire distribution process, and this is essential to reducing costs. Obviously too, there’s less room for human error, greater consistency with speed, and a scalability with ultimate accuracy.

Your next steps… opting for logistics automation is a big consideration, we recognise that. But we’ve experts at Axiom, in both design and implementation that can offer advice on what will work for you.  Analysing your operation from top to bottom, delving into your processes to work out how to best tighten efficiency, we will find the cost-effective, risk-reduction, reliable solution to ensure you remain profitable and competitive in today’s market.


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