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How inline bagging is being used for safe social distancing in e-commerce

As the country continues to battle with coronavirus, every business needs to comply with social distancing rules to ensure staff safety in the workplace. For e-fulfilment and distribution centres which are now busier than ever responding to the burgeoning online retail marketplace, maintaining a safe environment for all staff is of utmost importance.

Automating manual tasks on process lines can significantly help not only to keep workers away from each other and protected, but also to increase overall productivity. Axiom GB has found that its clients particularly favour inline bagging systems to automate packaging operations.

Matthew Nickson, director of Axiom explains, “Recently one of our clients was considering decommissioning its automated online bagging line, however, with the advent of Covid-19 and social distancing measures, they’ve changed their minds.

“Like most bagging lines it uses just two operators to operate the automated system compared to four or five on an equivalent manual line. One worker places products onto a conveyor at the start of the process and the second takes the containers of packaged product away at the end of the line. This is a simple but effective method to ensure that social distancing is maintained at all times.

“Quite apart from the obvious separation benefits of automated bagging during our current crisis, inline bagging has many more advantages. By selecting the most appropriate machine for your facility it can turn packaging into an accurate, high-speed process which is both safe and proven to increase output.”

Why a bagging machine is the right choice

Benefits of an inline bagging machine include:

  • Reduced weight and size of packages which lowers distribution costs as well as being environmentally-friendly.
  • Compact footprint to free up valuable warehouse space.
  • A high-speed operation for increased productivity.
  • Insertion and collation options enhance product and service offerings.
  • Increased accuracy due to order verification process.
  • Automated labelling reduces errors.
  • A professional-looking finished product encased in an extremely durable and resistant outer for protection.

Inline bagging in operation

With some of the leading UK companies already relying on Axiom GB for their automated materials handling systems the company has established a solid reputation for providing cost-effective, reliable solutions.

JD Williams has a fully automated packing line solution. It enables specific marketing literature to be married up with the relevant order, advice notes to be printed and all items to be bagged, labelled and dropped into dispatch cages.

John Wilson, Head of Operations for JD Williams commented, “With the old manual system we struggled to maintain 200 items per person per hour. We now consistently achieve a throughput of 1200 items per hour using the automated packaging line.”


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