Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Are you looking to reduce costs and increase productivity?

Here are 8 reasons why customers tell Axiom GB they prefer to work with us:


1. Expertise – We have more than 17 years experience specialising in Conveyor and Material Handling Solutions.  Our team have spent most of they’re working lives designing and delivering Mechanical Handling Systems.  We have designed and built a fully automated ‘click ‘n collect’ system for Vodafone and JD Williams to handle single order items.  Product’s are scanned, married up with paperwork, bagged or boxed, labelled and sorted automatically.


2. Experience – We have dealt with clients like ASDA, Tamar Foods, Superdrug, Lakeland,  B2C Europe and Unipart.  Our clients handle a variety of different product types, sizes and shapes.  We design a bespoke solution to suit the product and needs of the company.


3. Comprehensive range – Our approach enables us to offer not just conveyor systems but a full package of Axiom equipment.  Our solutions can be made from a combination of belt conveyors or roller conveyors, which ever conveyor type is more appropriate for the application or solution.  We have a range of different sortation equipment, from pop up roller sorters, swivel wheel sorters, pusher sorters and cross belt sorters.  We supply labelling systems and packing solutions.  All essential to delivering a total integrated automation system.


4. We hit the deadlines – We design the solution and plan delivery to the agreed delivery date.  We try to avoid disrupting the day-to-day commitments of your business with no or little down time.


5. We’re not too big, not too small – We’re a mid-sized company and we think that makes us more personable and easy to deal with.  Customers get the attention they deserve and we pride ourselves in total customer satisfaction.


6. Competitive pricing – Mid-sized means we don’t have big overheads.  We listen to what you have to say and design a bespoke system to suit your budget.


7. Built in the UK – All our solutions are expertly crafted in the UK using British engineering with years of experience building bespoke automation solutions.


8. Familiarity of the team – Our installation team are the servicing team so are fully knowledgeable on how the system works, whether it’s an inline packing system or a sorter.


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