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Pick, pack, sortation and dispatch – taking people out of the equation

One of biggest issues facing online retailers is gearing up their fulfilment centres in preparation for intense sales periods. Such is the demand in these peak periods that there is often insufficient workforce in the environs of the distribution centre and additional workers have to be brought in by bus from neighbouring towns or even counties.

E-commerce businesses increasing automation of online order operations

This problem is now being compounded by the uncertainty that Brexit has brought to our European workforce. Faced with the possibility of a diminishing workforce many ecommerce businesses are increasing the automation of their online order operations. Automated systems working reliably 24/7 help to relieve the pressure of scaling up and down without having to dramatically increase headcount.

Bespoke automation for distribution centres

Using the latest technology, it is now possible to implement hardware and software solutions that take care of the entire pick, pack, sortation and dispatch processes. Tamworth based Axiom GB specialises in helping customers to increase productivity and reduce costs by introducing bespoke automation into their distribution centres.

Director, Matthew Nickson, is passionate about designing and manufacturing systems that make a real difference in the logistics industry – to efficiency, accuracy and ultimately profitability. He comments, “Our first priority is to listen to customers, we need to be absolutely clear what their real challenges are before we can begin. Only when we are armed with this knowledge can we develop an appropriate solution.”

Sophisticated conveyor systems

Of course people are still involved in the process, but automation enables them to play a much more productive role. Gone are the days when it was necessary to walk miles around the warehouse to seek out a particular product to package and label for dispatch. Products are automatically sent via sophisticated conveyor systems to wherever they are needed in the DC.

Advanced materials handling systems combine with bagging, boxing and labelling machines to meet customers’ increasing demands for a next day or even same day order and delivery service.

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