Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Buying British – the benefits of partnering with a UK based materials handling supplier

When choosing a materials handling supplier, there are many economic, social and environmental benefits to partnering with a UK based company.

Selecting a materials handling supplier like Axiom GB, a company based in Tamworth, means that you will not only enjoy the benefits of buying British, but you will also be taking advantage of using one of the leading suppliers of materials handling solutions in the country.

With Axiom you can be confident that everything from initial design, through to manufacture, installation and commissioning will be controlled right here in the UK.

Use a British based materials handling supplier

It also makes life much easier for you if your chosen supplier is located within easy reach of the project site. At each stage of the venture, whether it is design, manufacture or installation, it is important to have regular face to face meetings, preferably on site.

Maintaining a watchful eye on progress is by far the most successful way to avoid or resolve any potential issues swiftly to keep the project on track.

It goes without saying that reaction times are much swifter when you have a local contact who can reach your site quickly by car, rather than by navigating their way around European and UK airports.

Easy access to comparable automated installations

When potential customers approach Axiom GB to discuss how to find a solution to their production problems, the management team will discuss their current challenges and future goals in depth before producing a proposal.

However, whilst proposals can be detailed and illustrated with 3D drawings, they are no substitute for observing a system in action. To enable its customers to take advantage of this, the management at Axiom has always been keen to arrange for new customers to visit a comparable system that they have previously installed in the UK.

Visiting a UK installation site is both quicker and more cost effective than taking the time to look at one overseas. It also allows you the opportunity to speak directly to a current customer to better understand their working relationship with your potential supplier.

UK based after sales service for automated systems

Another major benefit of partnering with a British based company which many people overlook, is the advantage of a home based after sales service.

Whilst many overseas companies have a UK agent or representative for their customers in Britain, whenever there is a problem, it is almost certainly going to be simpler to fix with a UK based team. They will be able to resolve any issues rapidly to ensure that your system is up and running smoothly, thus preventing unnecessary downtime and saving you both time and money.

Axiom GB is a family run company based in Tamworth in Staffordshire. The company specialises in developing automated solutions for pick, pack, sortation and dispatch challenges.

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