Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

The latest solutions from Axiom GB

Axiom has experience in designing and developing click ‘n’collect solutions for online retailers. Solution includes an in line bagging solution for Unipart Technology Logistics/Vodafone where the automated line increased throughput by tenfold.

Since that installation, Axiom has adapted the system design to automatically process a whole range of products. Recently, Axiom has installed six lines for a leading retailer, with varying degrees of integration and complexity.

Axiom is also in the process of installing a solution for another online retailer. This system features complex document feeding and invoice production, together with bagging and labelling. This custom system was manufactured and assembled at the Axiom plant in Tamworth before being installed on site.

There is currently a high demand for automated solutions within the industry. Most of our retail clients are reviewing auto-boxing solutions or auto bagging solutions, or a combination of both depending on their product lines and types.

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