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Automation for Pick, Pack, Sortation and Dispatch – A 10-Point Checklist

1. Strategy

Ensure that automation fits in with your company’s strategic business plan
– Have you clearly defined your reasons for automating?

2. Buy-in

Consult your fellow directors/partners to make sure everyone is on board with the decision
– Determine the amount of money you are prepared to invest and your timeframe

3. Ownership

Appoint a Project Manager to oversee the automation process
– Ensure your chosen person is well qualified to supervise the task from start to finish

4. Investigate

Make a complete evaluation of your existing production processes
– Decide which will benefit most from automation

5. Capacity

Consider floor space requirements
– Will you need to move existing equipment or will you require extra capacity?

6. Finding a Partner

Ask two or three highly regarded system suppliers how they would approach the design of an automated solution to meet your needs
– Will you require one custom built system or several different pieces of equipment?

7. Seek Proof

Visit previously completed, similar projects to determine which supplier will do the best job for you
– At this stage ask for design concepts, an estimate of cost and time schedule

8. Decision Time

Select your supplier
– Define the process sequence in detail, project price and delivery date

9. Seal the Deal

Negotiate the contract
– What is the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) annual spend?
– Do you require a maintenance contract?
– Will your staff require training on the new equipment?

10. Implementation

Installation of automated system
– Commissioning and final acceptance


Remember, you can call in the automation experts at any time during your buyer journey to provide guidance on the most cost-effective solution for your production processes.

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Automation - 10 point check list



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