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Benefits of engineering and controls support for warehouse automation

If you rely heavily on an automated solution to keep your distribution centre or warehouse operational it is essential that you can achieve maximum productivity day in, day out. That means taking steps to reduce the risk of stoppages or breakages which can cause costly unscheduled downtime.

For many companies, whether they are large multi-nationals or small family businesses, the answer lies in taking out a maintenance and support contract with a trustworthy provider.

The advantage of a service support contract includes access to highly trained experienced engineers who can rapidly rectify mechanical, electrical or controls issues, calmly getting the show back on the road and providing peace of mind.  

Flexible support packages to suit individual requirements

As well as offering hardware and software for automated materials handling solutions, Axiom provides comprehensive support and maintenance packages which can be tailored to exactly the level of cover required.

The degree of support required is usually dependent on the complexity of the automated solution, taking into account the facility’s operating hours. “We’re happy to agree different packages of support,” explains Matthew Nickson, director of Axiom GB. “Many of our clients require a support contract covering all hours of the day and night throughout the year; others rely on us from 7am to 4.30pm on weekdays only, whereas some just require support during peak seasons.

“It’s the same with our service agreements. The larger installations may arrange to have a full service several times a year, whilst smaller companies with simpler solutions can be examined using a ‘health check’ of their automated solution. Working together with our clients we customise our support services to create exactly the right package to suit their particular needs.”

Reliable 24/7 telephone hotline for expert help

Extensive telephone support gives Axiom’s customers an agreed number of calls with guaranteed response times. These calls are passed to experts working for the company – experienced professionals who can identify problems and advise on rectification – making a decision to send an engineer to site if necessary.

“We are very comfortable with the maintenance contract for the automated system that we have with Axiom, it includes out of hours cover – they are happy to pick up the phone at 2am in the morning, when on occasion it has been required. They also perform three full site visits each year to examine the sortation system for wear and tear.”

Alastair Magee, Finance and IT Director of Lynas Foodservice

“It is not unusual for our ecommerce clients to rely on telephone support across multiple sites,” comments Matthew Nickson, “knowing that you will receive prompt help when there is an emergency is vital when any downtime will result in severe ramifications.”

Simply solving issues remotely

By including cameras in the installation set-up and allowing Axiom engineers secure access, it ensures many issues can be resolved remotely. Once a problem has been found, an expert logs into the system to view and diagnose the issue. Wherever possible the fault is found and fixed without the need for an onsite visit.

Axiom can also carry out inspections remotely; electrical engineers check system logs and software engineers inspect the status of the system by scanning logs and reports.

“We have taken out a support contract with Axiom so that we can use their 24/7 call out facility; usually, however, any issues can be solved remotely. As we expected, Axiom’s automated line has proved to be robust, reliable and simple to run. The operator screens are really intuitive – they give a visual representation of the line so any problem can be pinpointed immediately. “

James Hodgetts, Programme Manager working on behalf of Unipart Technology Logistics

Preventative maintenance for optimal performance

Proactive monitoring of automated system behaviour can help to predict and prevent hardware problems even before they occur. This type of preventative maintenance support means that faulty or failing parts can be replaced to avoid potential problems and reduce the risk of downtime.

Planned site visits enable experienced engineers to check the operational condition of your system. Inspections can include a health check of equipment and controls so that the Axiom support team can detail the level of maintenance required and report any recommendations.

“We haven’t encountered any issues with the system since the initial installation tests; it has proved to be a very reliable system. It is vital that we avoid any downtime, especially during peak season. To protect against such occurrences, we have a support contract in place with Axiom. This provides remote support and regular on-site scheduled system maintenance around our peak season to rectify any potential issues before they become problematic.” 

Simon Butteriss, Assistant Director, Group Operations, Cambridge Assessment

Take advantage of software upgrades

Axiom is constantly developing its software and therefore any improvements that can be made to your system will be made available so that you can take advantage of the latest IT developments. Naturally any software upgrades are only installed following client agreement and are always tested prior to running in a live environment.

If you are looking to invest in automation and want to talk to a British company which combines quality engineering solutions backed by professional service support, contact Axiom for a consultation on 01827 61212 or email


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