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How to automate a warehouse on a reduced budget

As the UK industry continues to reel from the enormous impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, available budgets to improve productivity by warehouse automation have been severely restricted.

Old conveyor equipment can be unreliable as well as being expensive to run and maintain. Therefore the significant benefits of new automated materials handling processes cannot be ignored. Using up to date technology and the latest equipment means higher throughput, increased accuracy, reduced costs and less dependence on manual labour.

Under the current circumstances, what are UK suppliers of automated materials handling equipment doing to help those interested in automation on a reduced budget?

Effective warehouse automation solutions at competitive prices

Materials handling specialist, Axiom GB, is a company which is well known for not only designing and installing large, bespoke solutions but also for offering more simple, yet effective conveyor systems and upgrades to suit a modest budget.  

Using standard components and sourcing local materials from trusted British companies, the Axiom team is able to keep its prices keen to give customers good value for their investment. At the start of a project the company offers a spares package. This brings down the individual prices of items which can then be ordered in large quantities at the manufacturing stage.

With the added benefit of in-house teams which include both mechanical and electrical design engineers as well as logistics software developers, Axiom can control expenditure to keep costs to customers down.

Once a specification is agreed customers are given a fixed price before work begins. This ensures that there are no unexpected extra expenses to contend with as work progresses on a project.

Calculating the benefits of warehouse automation

Understanding exactly how an investment in automation can benefit company profits is an important indicator in the financial decision making process.

Providing specific operating details are available at the outset, expect an automation supplier to calculate an accurate ROI. This will define how long it will take to receive financial benefit from an initial investment.

Futureproof for long term value

An adaptable design allows a materials handling system to increase in size as demand grows on a business. The use of good quality materials helps to ensure the longevity of equipment and reliability. These are all factors that contribute to a futureproofed solution that will work for many years to come.

Good engineering equals low maintenance

Naturally, it is important to keep equipment maintenance up to a high standard. For that reason Axiom provides servicing and remote support. However, the company’s approach to successful system design is based on good engineering. It is a model that allows Axiom to deliver systems that are cost-effective both to buy and to operate. Indeed most installations run without the requirement to employ an onsite engineer.

If you are looking to invest in warehouse automation,  Axiom combines quality engineering with good value. Contact Axiom for a consultation on 01827 61212 or email

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