Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

What type of sorter should you be using?

With many years of experience in providing innovative automated materials handling solutions, Axiom GB has designed and developed its own range of sorting solutions. These sorters are designed to work across a variety of industries and each design can be modified to specifically suit your requirements.


Pop-Up Roller Sorter

Axiom’s pop-up roller sorter was designed as a high speed sorter. If you need to sort small items, using speeds of up to 200 items per minute, the pop-up roller is an ideal method.



See how Axiom supplied Superdrug’s Pontefract facility featuring a ten destination series sorter with the capacity to process 6,000 orders an hour, weighing up to 15kgs each – an eightfold increase in throughput.

Or watch the sorter in action at Superdrug here…


Swivel Wheel Roller Sorter

If you need a reliable system to sort and carry both parcels and cartons, Axiom’s Swivel Wheel sorter is the solution.

Each sortation module is built up with several rows of rollers. This allows each row to be independently turned from the centre position to either left or right.

Axiom has designed its swivel roller sorter so that the individual rollers do not lift up and down whilst sorting items. This is beneficial as it reduces the stress on both the product and the equipment.

It’s been shown to improve the speed and accuracy of the sorter. By eliminating the lifting and lowering, it has a constant drive between the product and the roller. This allows the product to be gently steered into the out-feed which minimises the potential of any damage.

Typically, the swivel wheel sorter is capable of sorting up to 200 products per minute at a nominal product length of 500m.


Axiom 1


Automatic Pusher Sorter

Not all product types and profiles suit the Pop-Up Roller or Swivel Wheel sortation systems. For this reason, Axiom designed and developed two pusher sorter solutions which suit different handling requirements. They can be either used in a sorting application or as part of a more complex system.


Axiom 2 


Overhead Pusher

The Overhead Pusher sorter is ideal if you are looking to sort bagged and difficult to handle items. The overhead sorter is capable of sorting to either single-sided or double-sided destinations. It can sort at rates of 60 products per minute using motor drives and 30 products per minute using pneumatic drives.


Box Style Pusher

When looking to handle more regular shaped products, the box pusher is capable of sorting items to a single sided destination. With the capacity to hit rates of up to 80 products per minute, depending on the product profile, this sorter can significantly increase productivity.


Axiom 3




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