Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Axiom automates Lynas Foodservice Cross-Docking hub in Ireland

The Lynas Foodservice Group chose Axiom GB to design, manufacture and install an automated sortation system in its new distribution hub located in Lusk, County Dublin. The innovative sortation system is capable of sorting 45 diverse food products a minute to 11 destination lanes enabling the Lusk facility to process up to 20,000 products in […]

Axiom delivers grade A destination sorter to Cambridge Assessment

Axiom GB has designed, manufactured and installed a goods-in sortation system for the onwards dispatch of examination materials at Cambridge Assessment. The new sorter has doubled the speed of sortation for highly sensitive materials, allowing the department to sort up to 10,000 packets a day by their onwards destination. Cambridge Assessment operates and manages the […]

Axiom automates B2C Europe with 100-destination PUR

Axiom GB has designed, manufactured and installed a packet mail sortation system into Aylesbury based B2C Europe. The new sorter has automated B2C Europe’s parcel and pack sortation, enabling the company to sort up to 8,000 packets an hour. This has given the company the future-proof ability to handle three times its current volume without […]

Axiom’s sorter increases throughput capacity eightfold at Superdrug DC

Superdrug’s Northern Distribution Centre at Pontefract is home to the company’s growing e-commerce operation. Due to the volume of sales and predicted expansion an automated sorting solution has been installed as part of an integrated solution from independent integrator Logistex. Designed and manufactured by Axiom GB, a ten destination series PUR (pop-up roller) sorter has […]

Manual Cross Docking System

Cost effective palletisation eases delivery Integration with SAP R/F based picking – eliminates errors Pallet based shipping manifests Interfaces with carrier systems Flexible configuration Speeds picking/pack/dispatch processes Bulk or wave picks increase picking efficiency Helps eliminate customer/supplier shipping error claims Palletways, the UK’s market leader in the overnight distribution of small consignments of palletised freight […]

Automatic Carton Cross Docking System

Goods in to goods out in less than one minute – made simple by Axiom Two man operation Throughput of around 30 cartons per minute Automatic carton identification using omni-directional barcode reading Automatically updates proof of delivery records Carrier specific labels produced dynamically and automatically for each carton Dispatch documentation and manifests automatically produced Handles […]