Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

High specification/demand fibre glass handling system

The existing control and conveyor system was troublesome and out of date with the customer requirements.

A new system had to be installed during a shut-down period to minimise production downtime. To achieve completion within the time frame meant that installation had to be based on extended working hours.

The fibre glass rolls are delivered to the line un-bagged. They are labelled with an ink jet printer to identify the type of material and then diverted to 1 of 3 lines. The rolls queue before entering band saws where they are cut depending on trade or domestic use. After cutting the rolls pass through a bagging machine and then onto a dispatch line.

All diagnostics and control are via a large touch screen. The status of all devices, interfaces and line selections are shown on the screen removing the need to open the software to diagnose a hardware fault.

As the line works within a 24 hour production environment reliability and safety was key to the success of the line.

Completion of FMEA ensured this was not a problem, by dealing with any potential weak points and selecting the safety category.

Within one week of the line being in production Axiom commissioning engineers were able to leave site. In the event of any problems the system is able to be supported via the modem.

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