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Automatic tote handling optimises slow moving order picking


The customer had a requirement to store a large amount of varying products within a small area of floor space with the benefit of automatically calling the products to set locations reducing the walking time of operators.

The system begins with the loading of full totes onto the infeed conveyor. The totes are identified by a barcode permanently fixed to the tote. The WMS has already scanned the tote and logged the items within the tote (assigned by operator).

The totes are then elevated and conveyed to the 2 input stations (one for each crane). The tote is scanned and the WMS informs the crane as to which storage location the tote must go in. The system also removes empty totes from the live and storage locations, which are then conveyed back to the operator.

As orders are processed the WMS will request the cranes to deliver totes for picking to the live storage areas, where operators can pick from. Once completed the cranes will remove the tote from the live storage location and position it as instructed by the WMS.

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