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Axiom has provided significant cost savings due to automatic label application

To satisfy customer specific demands and realise significant cost savings, Deluxe Media in France invested in an automated ‘stickering line’. The design criteria was to label product (typically DVD or VHS media formats) at continuous speeds of around 200 products per minute, with only two line operators.

It was obvious from the outset that a typical labelling machine installation would not perform correctly. Even though many labelling machines can handle the line speeds required, the system needed to be automatically loaded and unloaded. Axiom used their in-house engineering skills to design and manufacture bespoke handling equipment so it was the natural choice for Deluxe.

The system consists of an automatic induct solution. A single ‘loaf stack’ of product is constantly fed into the system where the front product is ‘peeled’ from the stack. In-built error checking monitors the feed mechanisms to ensure that product does not jam or misfeed. The induct solution is equipped with a safety guard to prevent user and system damage. Once the product has entered the system it is laid from a standing position to flat with the face down. This complex process is monitored to ensure product jams do not occur. If a fault occurs the system stops and the user is alerted via a PC based user interface.

Product then travels over a specially designed timing belt driven labelling conveyor. The conveyor support frame houses four labelling machines. These are mounted on a slide out solution below the conveyor where labels are applied on the front of the product face. A simple but effective adjustment can move the label along and across the product face. The user interface is used to activate and de-activate labellers depending on the customers’ requirements.

After the labelling process the product must be re-stacked to allow it to be loaded back into the storage and shipping cartons. The system is supplied with a dual stacking system which allows product to be automatically stacked whilst the second stack is being ejected for packing. The result is to achieve auto stacking at around 200 products per minute.

The stacking system is fitted with fail safe monitoring systems to ‘watch’ for product misfeeds etc. If this occurs the system stops and again the user is alerted via the PC based user interface.

The labelling machines are manufactured by Axiom, utilising state of the art servo control systems and are capable of linear speeds of around 200m/min with apply accuracies of +/- 0.5mm. The control systems constantly monitor label and web positions to ensure this level of accuracy.

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