Axiom GB Ltd manufactures in the UK to our own designs.

Pirelli, based in Burton upon Trent, supply fitted units to three car manufacturers in the UK – BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover.

Axiom have supplied conveyor control, specialised handling solutions and bespoke software solutions to Pirelli since 1999.

Initially our engineers worked with a conveyor supplier to control the sequencing line supplying fitments for the Jaguar ‘S’ Type. The line supplies fitments in sets of 14 cars on a just in time basis line side to the assembly line.

Axiom is responsible for receiving notification of supply from Jaguar via e-mail from AT&T. The file is converted into a picking list sorted specifically for loading/unloading.

The fitting units are manually loaded onto two feed conveyors where they pass through automatic scanning units.

The scanning units centralise the wheels, lift and rotate them until a barcode reader identifies the barcode located on the inner face of the wheel. Providing the barcode matches the loading sequence the assembly is allowed to pass.

If the assembly is wrong it is automatically removed from the scanning unit to a conveyor where it can be manually removed.

A screen then advises the operator with both text and graphics which assembly is required. The replacement assembly is loaded on the reject conveyor where it is automatically fed back into the scanning unit to be checked prior to continuing to be loaded onto the waiting truck.

Recently Pirelli received news that they would be supplying fitments for the new Mini and the Land Rover. They needed to purchase software, labelling, printing and mechanical solutions to help fulfil their requirements.

Axiom are now supplying RFID scanning solutions, online label printing solutions, UV printing solutions and sequencing solutions for three lines.

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