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Labelling Systems

A Comprehensive Range Labelling Systems

Labelling systems sit at the heart of many of our projects. We offer a range of labelling machines capable of applying anything from large shipping labels onto consistently sized products, down to labels for random sized products at very high speeds.

Our labelling machines are based on an industry standard print engine with Axiom’s own print head assembly and application arms.

A New Breed of Print and Apply Labelling Systems

Axiom’s deeply rooted product handling background regularly leads to projects that require some form of product labelling.

To enable us to offer ‘out of hours’ support structures required in the logistics industry we have developed a new breed of labelling machine which offers low cost and full functionality – the Axiom Series 3000 print and apply machine.

At the heart of our label applicator is an industry standard Sato print engine. The unwind and rewind assemblies, however, along with the apply head are all manufactured by Axiom.

Since its introduction, the labelling machine has been used in many situations, from carton labelling at fairly low speeds to high speed media labelling.

Typical labelling machines include:-

Installation Print Method Label Size Labelling Speed
Carton Labelling System Dynamic Information 152 x 102 mm 15 Products Per Minute
Carton Labelling System Dynamic Information 80 x 40 mm 68 Products Per Minute
Fitment Labelling System Dynamic Information 100 x 42 mm 15 Products Per Minute
Media Labelling System Dynamic Information 50 x 32 mm 200 Products Per Minute

Self-Adhesive Labelling Machines

Product labelling is in itself a fairly simple process – stick labels on products.

There are, however, many occasions where the product needs to be presented to the machine in a specific manner. This is where our competition starts to struggle.

Our engineering team, on the other hand, can design solutions for most product types and handling requirements.

The Axiom Series HS3000 Self Adhesive Labelling Machine

Originally developed for a specific project, our HS3000 self-adhesive labelling machine is:

  • Servo driven for high speed and precision 200m/min +/- 0.5mm
  • Low cost circa £6k
  • Feature packed
  • Easy to integrate into materials handling system
  • Simple to support
  • Practically maintenance free

Since its introduction, it has proved to be a reliable and cost effective solution for many client applications.

If you’re looking for a materials handling system and want to talk to a company with all the right credentials, contact Axiom GB for a consultation on 01827 61212 or email