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Conveyor control systems – how to maximise the function of an automated solution

Whether you require a simple ‘start/stop’ function or complex controls, reliable and secure conveyor control systems are the central feature of any automation solution. Sourcing the hardware equipment for a conveyor system is just the first step and needs to be coupled with the intelligent design of a smart control system.

Selecting a suitable control system will not only enable your hardware to be safer and more connected, but it will also optimise the flow of goods through the warehouse or distribution centre. This is more important now than ever before as expected delivery times continue to shorten and fast process time is therefore vital.   

To ensure that automation runs at maximum effectiveness, it is essential to design controls that deliver optimum performance. If required, the controls can connect into a warehouse management system (WMS) or, alternatively, can act as the bridge between the equipment and the WMS.

Scalability and functionality of Conveyor Control Systems

Tailoring control systems to the level and function you require for a specific automation is of primary importance. It is the key to achieving maximum production throughput, boosting accuracy and minimising operational downtime.

Experts can be called in to assist and it is ideal to partner with a specialist materials handling company that can provide both control systems hardware and software equipment.

Axiom GB is well known as a specialist in controls and logistics automation with an in-house controls team of skilled engineers. They have the knowledge and capability to design, manufacture and test a sophisticated new controls system using the latest technology. Or, if applicable, they will upgrade or reconfigure an existing, outdated system.


Axiom GB - Conveyor Control Systems

Installation, testing and commissioning

Once all the decisions regarding conveyor control system and logistics software have been made, installation can commence. Firstly, select a company which can carry out the complete electrical and mechanical installation. The system will undergo testing and you will receive all the necessary test certificates.

Next, once the system is fully commissioned, staff within the company undergo training to use the automation; again, this training should be carried out by your automation supplier.

Conveyor Control Systems – Support and maintenance

The confidence that comes from being able to rely on a consistent automation system with 24/7 support cannot be underestimated. 

Most reputable companies will offer comprehensive maintenance packages to keep downtime in your facility to an absolute minimum. Their highly trained support team will be happy to suit your particular needs. It is important that you can establish a high level of trust with your service support provider.

The ability of your chosen automation partner to offer remote support is especially beneficial; to view, monitor, diagnose faults and even fix your system from a distance. So, when a query occurs, this is the usual initial port of call to resolve the problem.

Optimum configuration of technology to equipment

Taking the right steps to ensure that a materials handling system has the optimum configuration is essential. This ensures maximum operational efficiency of the automated solution.

The best conveyor control systems are built using the most advanced technology. Configured to be effective with the equipment, they are simple and intuitive for operator use.  

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