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Controls & Automation

Controls and Logistics Automation Specialists

Our history is deeply rooted in controls and logistics automation, specifically for integration into conveyor, distribution and warehouse systems and operations.

We have implemented in excess of 300 projects where we have assumed the role of sub-contractor and supplied part or all of the control system hardware, software, installation and commissioning.

System Upgrades

Many clients ask us to upgrade their systems. In most cases, the client has had an old mechanical handling system which, from a mechanical engineering point of view, is working fine but the control system is dated and not delivering optimum performance.

Axiom‘s controls and logistics automation abilities include upgrade, replace or supply new:-

  • control system hardware
  • control software including:
    • PLC control software
    • Servo drive control
    • Specialised logic control
    • PC based control software
    • Server side control processes and software
    • R/F Hand Held terminal development
    • HTML user interfaces
  • scanning equipment
  • data collection equipment
  • interfaces to the clients head office systems

Control automation design

We can also carry out the complete:

  • electrical installation
  • mechanical installation
  • full commissioning
  • provision of documentation and training

Our in-house controls team design, manufacture and test new or upgraded systems. Combined with our in-house logistics software engineering team, capable of software development on a large platform of products and hardware, this enables us to supply part or full solutions without employing third party subcontractors or engineers.

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